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You should provide safe access to your home in order for the Assessor to complete the BER. The Assessor should have access to all the rooms in the dwelling. Provide the MPRN number which can be found on your electricity bill. You should agree a start and finish date with your Assessor. Check the provided references. Ask the BER Assessor for a quote. Ask for a letter of engagement

Architectural Technologist

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Welcome toDan Keane Architectural Technologist

Profile of Dan Keane Architectural Technologist

It is our aim to provide a sound professional service to all of our clientele. We believe that no job is too small to lack professional attention.

To date, we have managed to sustain a personal involvement in all projects to us entrusted. We strongly believe that the best way to reciprocate the trust shown by employing our services is to in return deliver to the best of our capabilities. A well designed building is not something an Architectural Technologist can generate on his/her own.

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