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Profile ofDan Keane Architectural Technologist

Profile of Dan Keane Architectural Technologist Profile of Dan Keane Architectural Technologist

It is our aim to provide a sound professional service to all of our clientele. We believe that no job is too small to lack professional attention.

To date, we have managed to sustain a personal involvement in all projects to us entrusted. We strongly believe that the best way to reciprocate the trust shown by employing our services is to in return deliver to the best of our capabilities.

A well designed building is not something an Architectural Technologist can generate on his/her own. It requires the active participation of a responsive client and an array of specialized skills brought to the project in the form an appropriate team of consultants. A well designed building cannot be achieved without immense effort and commitment from all of the members of the team.

Profile of Dan Keane Architectural Technologist

The collaboration of a sympathetic and responsive team, makes all the difference. It is the architectural Technologist's talent and vision that allows the team to do their best work for the owner and the general public. Ultimately time, space and money, are the variables that we as team manipulate on a daily basis.

Naturally the owner is a key figure within the context of the team. In summary, each project offers limitations and opportunities. It is always our intention and responsibility to create the most lyrical and elegant solution possible within the constraints of our available resources. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to be of service.